Cool Spacey Leather Backpacks

Cool Spacey Leather Backpacks

from 55.00

Looking for a cool backpack to show off to your friends? Well, these starry backpacks are for you!

Available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Available patterns: Galactic Galaxies, Nebulae Blues, Rainbow Space, Bright Nebula, Dark Nebula

.: 100% PU leather

.: Chocolate brown lining

.: Inside pockets

.: Padded back

Includes padded laptop sleeve.

Size dimensions:

Small: 4.14 inches  W, 9.06 inches L, 10.63 inches H

Medium: 4.49 inches W, 9.77 inches L, 12.52 inches  H

Large: 5 inches W, 12.01 inches L, 15 inches H

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